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Football Manager 2005 release date moves forward

By one day!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sports Interactive's eagerly-awaited Football Manager 2005 is to be released a day early, after retailers across Europe began selling the game over a week earlier than its November 5th launch date.

A statement issued this evening on Sports Interactive's website from MD Miles Jacobson said: "I have some good news for you. Due to some unscrupulous retailers in Italy and Sweden who decided to start selling Football Manager 2005 early without permission, ourselves and Sega have made the decision to bring the release date of Football Manager 2005 forward to this Thursday, November 4th.

"So, that means that you'll be able to buy Football Manager 2005 from this Thursday from all good, and some bad, retailers. A full list of UK and Irish retailers stocking the game can be found at"

The decision applies across Europe, with the exception of Czech Republic and Poland, where the game will be released on the 10th November. We hope to have a full review of Football Manager 2005 by the end of this week.

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