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EA to release retro PSP comp

Jungle Strike, Syndicate, more.

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Those of you who don't have enough retro compilations on your PSP will be glad to hear EA is releasing a collection of olden days games for Sony's handheld.

Depending on which way you lean, there's a variety of good, bad and manky titles in the package, all of which have been cribbed from SNES or Megadrive editions of the games.

Desert Strike and its first sequel, Jungle Strike, are clearly two of the better titles, while fans reminiscing over motorcycling punch-up Road Rash will be please to see it's also included. As is Road Rash II and Road Rash III, just to be on the safe side.

Creepy future gang sim Syndicate makes an appearance, along with Wing Commander and Wing Commander: Secret Missions, Virtual Pinball and Ultima: The Black Gate.

To round the package off, Budokan, The Haunting Starring Polterguy, Mutant League Football and B.O.B. have also been crammed onto the UMD.

You can also expect game art hidden away for your browsing pleasure, along with multiplayer wireless features and the ability to save games at any point. Which will presumably make the stealth bomber missions in Jungle Strike that little less frustrating.

EA Replay is due September 15th in the US, and it shouldn't be long before it makes it over this side of the Atlantic, either.

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