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Mutant League Football's worth a punt.

By far the worst games among EA's inevitable collection of back catalogue hits are Syndicate and Wing Commander. Which is odd, because both games are also among the most fondly remembered of the selection. But that's because they were fondly remembered on the PC. The versions included here are the console versions, which are hampered by reduced functionality, inferior visuals and rubbish controls.

Syndicate, for any readers who are too young to remember, is, of course, a seminal cyberpunk realtime strategy game from Peter Molyneux's Bullfrog. Here, though, the strategic element chiefly seems to consist of trying to keep your team of agents from getting stuck on the scenery, or running out of ammo, or getting shot dead while an isometric wall or ceiling blocks your view of what's going on. Wing Commander, meanwhile, is a rudimentary space combat sim that no amount of nostalgia can redeem.

The decision to include the worst versions of the best games in the collection encapsulates EA's uncaring attitude to this assortment: all of them are basic, straightforward ports of the original console titles, with little in the way of window dressing. Which brings us on to the presentation: it's shoddy. Given the length of time it's taken for EA to jump on the retro bandwagon, you'd have thought it might have at least tried to make the front end look pretty, or to include some snazzy extras to appease the demanding young whippersnappers who play games these days. Instead, the game's front end is basic at best, and the extras for each of the 14 games amount to three pieces of artwork, all of which are so low-res or unattractive that their inclusion seems like an actual joke.

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EA to release retro PSP comp

Jungle Strike, Syndicate, more.

Those of you who don't have enough retro compilations on your PSP will be glad to hear EA is releasing a collection of olden days games for Sony's handheld.