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New Yoshi, Ace Attorney for 3DS - report

Game demos also incoming.

A Yoshi side-scroller and a new entry in the Ace Attorney series are among the games Nintendo plans to show off at its Tokyo 3DS showcase next week, so says a reported Japanese leak.

According to a story on Japanese gaming blog Hachimaki and translated by Gematsu, the platform holder will also announce a game demo service for the system, an Etrian Odyssey sequel and a new title from WarioWare/Advanced Wars studio Intelligent Systems.

Here's the full list of reported announcements:

  • New Monster Hunter exclusively for 3DS with support for online play
  • New Yoshi side-scroller from Kirby's Epic Yarn developer Good-Feel
  • New game from the developer of WarioWare
  • New Etrian Odyssey
  • Hatsune Miku 3DS, with all the songs from Project DIVA and its sequel
  • DS's The Silver Case, from Grasshopper Manufacture, has been moved to 3DS
  • eShop demo announcement, with a Super Mario 3D Land trial confirmed
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords release date announcement
  • The latest 3DS project from Alchemist, developer of Umineko and Gal Gun, for 3DS
  • A fifth Ace Attorney, including an Edgeworth scenario
  • A new God Eater title, which will also launch on PlayStation Vita

That Monster Hunter tip has already been confirmed as the real deal. A separate set of rumours earlier this week also point towards new Baten Kaitos and Mach Rider titles for the handheld.

We'll find out for sure next Tuesday at around 3.00am UK time. Set your alarm clocks.