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New York Times responds to Only Connect resemblance

It is "unique, handcrafted and has a distinctive style".

The New York Times has responded to the comparisons between its new game Connections and BBC quiz show Only Connect.

Last week, Connections began beta testing and gained attention from viewers and host of Only Connect for its similarities to the show.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer on the close similarity between the two, The New York Times said "the content of Connections is unique, handcrafted and has a distinctive style synonymous with New York Times Games".

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The New York Times is not the first to take the Only Connect formula and apply it to its own game. Search for similar options and you'll find Puzzgrid, for one.

However, it's worth pointing out that Puzzgrid openly states it "is based on a round from the BBC gameshow, Only Connect" under a bold headline titled "Credit for the concept".

A similar puzzle game can be found on the website for The Trinity School in Cumbria. Again, this homebrewed version offers Only Connect a credit.

The New York Times has applied a Wordle-like sheen to the game and offered a familiar method of sharing results, but otherwise the game's concept is instantly recognisable from Only Connect.

It's also fair to point out that The New York Times has a far larger audience and better brand recognition than these other examples - which do offer credit to the BBC show.

Eurogamer has asked The New York Times for further comment.

Update (30/04/2024): The Trinity School have since removed their puzzle game from their website.

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