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New Wii same size as current model

Only difference is cut Cube support.

The upcoming Wii redesign will be the same size as Nintendo's current model.

Despite the removal of GameCube controller and memory card slots, the new horizontally-orientated Wii still measures up to the original's 167 x 44 x 215.4 mm dimensions, according to ONM.

This means the only difference between the two models is the lack of GameCube game and peripheral support - a feature Nintendo's upcoming Wii U will also not provide.

The new Wii will be out in Europe by Christmas. Nintendo of America has announced it has no plans to launch the new design there.

It comes with a Wii Remote Plus and Wii Party packed in, alongside original bundle game Wii Sports.

Nintendo told Eurogamer that after the new model launches, the current Wii will be discontinued.