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New Virtua Tennis coming to Wii too

It's set to include an online mode.

SEGA has announced that the Virtua Tennis series is about to make its debut on the Wii.

Virtua Tennis 2009 was unveiled earlier this month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Now SEGA has said Wii owners will be able to give it a go too with a version that has all the same features and arcade action.

That means a playing roster that includes Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams, Roger Federererer and the like, plus more than 40 court environments. The multiplayer Court Games are said to be a particular highlight; some old favourites will return along with five new games.

SEGA is also promising "an impressive online and offline depth for a Wii title". Specifically, the World Tour Mode "will allow Wii owners to experience Virtua Tennis online".

All versions of Virtua Tennis 2009 are due out this May.