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New PAL Releases Roundup

Gotham more LEGO here.

Never mind hedge funds, securitisation, short selling, fractional reserve banking, special investment vehicles, public finance initiatives, whether Gordon Brown's randomly flapping chin is down to some sort of nerve conduction issue or just a tick-based blemish in an other consistent facial narrative, whether the whole Iceland situation was an Ireland typo, how to spell taisoear, taisoearch, taisoearch, taiseorach, whether you should have taken out a mortgage with a man who did your credit check on a walkie-talkie, what will happen if the banks have to pay for all that free credit, what will happen if you have to pay for all that free credit, what will happen if you have to ask your Mum to pay for all that free credit, if that bloke opposite you is secretly hoarding Kit-Kats, whether they'll all be sorry they didn't save tinfoil for when 'shiny' is a currency, how much a pint of milk will cost in a week, how much a pint of milk costs today actually because you never look at the receipt, or you don't drink milk, or you've already got some, is a cow a good investment, can you milk a dog, probably don't type that into Google, is it about time to sell the car, is this a good time to get married because there's no way she can complain if you say it would be irresponsible to blow loads of money on the wedding, if it's a good time to bring up the 'pimp' idea, finally get some value out of that gold curtain rail you thought was a cane, whether that bloke from the Halifax adverts is actually a government employee now and if so can we have him instead, whether the world would be different if we'd all paid attention to the fat laughing man in that other bank ad who, let's face it, was only telling the truth, and, of course, never mind the financial crisis, because it's partly our fault anyway and at least this way breaking controllers when a game's crap is forgivable because you'll need the firewood.

And never mind any of this week's new releases, either, except LEGO Batman, or the basketball games if you're strange. DS-10 review next week, incidentally.

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