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New Dungeon Runner content

Chunk Number One.

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The surprisingly entertaining MMO Dungeon Runners is about to get its first content patch.

It'll be called 'Chunk Number One' and will add player-versus-player combat and a new high-level dungeon to the mix, according to comments made by lead designer Mark Tucker to Kotaku.

Battles against other teams will be done in randomly created and instanced dungeons, spawned by talking to a non-player character on a player versus player server. At the moment these fighting pits will be pretty straightforward, but in future Tucker plans to add special buffs and items to spice it all up.

If you win your dust-ups, you'll earn points. These aren't used for anything yet, but will likely be put to use at a later date.

Ratsputin's Gulag is the boss and name of the new dungeon, which characters between levels 75 and 100 will be able to tackle. And there will be plenty of new quests to complete and collectable items in there to reward you - all integrated with the tongue-in-cheek style evident everywhere else.

You'll also now be able to have up to three characters on one account, be able to link loot items in chat so that everyone can be very jealous of your toys, and enjoy less latency problems and more responsive controls thanks to behind-the-scenes tweaking.

Dungeon Runners is a free to download MMO from NCsoft that was released back in May. You can play for no cost as long as you like, but a USD 4.99 subscription will grant you access to features that greatly enhance the package.

NCsoft spokesperson Opal Lertutai told Kotaku that the game has around 120,000 active accounts now, and that it's nearly on an even footing financially thanks to the subscribers.

We got our hands on it recently and found it to be deceptively good; a satirical and enjoyable take on the many me-too high-fantasy offerings in the genre. Head over to our Dungeon Runners review to find out more.

A date is yet to be set for Chunk Number One.

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