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New Bomb Rush Cyberfunk teaser shows BMXing for the first time

Drop in.

A new trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk shows off BMX cycling for the first time.

A spiritual successor to Dreamcast cult classic Jet Set Radio, developer Team Reptile has captured that game's cel-shaded graphics and sense of cool.

However, beyond inline skating, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk also includes skateboarding and BMX cycling - as shown in a new "official movestyle" teaser.

Cover image for YouTube videoBomb Rush Cyberfunk - Official Movestyle Teaser

Players will ride, grind and flip across the game's vibrant city, all in the name of graffiti tagging and looking cool. The teaser shows long strings of tricks linked together, bringing a touch of the Tony Hawk games too.

"Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a big street culture symphony of these feelings. In that spirit I have decided to include skateboarding, BMX and inline skating in the game," explains game director Dion Koster in a new blog post.

"With this teaser we are giving you a heads up, the way that you move around is important. Style is not only about appearance. Many secrets can be found by getting points and doing combos throughout the stage. You will be outstyling the other crews after you bombed their turf to take what's theirs.

"Skateboarding, inline and BMX are represented with real life tricks to play into this. After going off you'll be able to switch back to regular ol' feet anytime you want to get down to the beat."

The game is yet to receive a definitive release date beyond 2022, but Koster says the team is "going in hard to finish the game". It'll be released on PC and Switch, with a release for other consoles due later.