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New 250GB Xbox 360 HDD costs £80

XBL community bod admits mistake.

Xbox Live Community Manager Graeme Boyd has corrected an error, clarifying that the new 250GB Xbox 360 hard drive does cost £79.99 - as was announced to begin with.

He got our hopes up yesterday by revealing a £64.99 price point.

"Ugh. I got the UK pricing for the 250GB hard drive wrong too. It's ERP £79.99, not £64.99 as I said yesterday. Really sorry... (*gives up*)," he, "AceyBongos", Tweeted.

The 250GB hard drive will be released on 16th April and will sell with a data transfer cable.

The existing 120GB HDD has now dropped in price to £80 so stock will clear. Quite how fast they will fly off shelves at exactly the same price as the new, bigger drive, we can't say.

We asked Microsoft for an explanation, and while we got a response, our question remains unanswered.