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NES Remix 2 announced

Includes full new game Super Luigi Bros.

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Nintendo has announced a quick-fire follow-up to last year's NES Remix, with a sequel coming to the Wii U eShop on April 25th.

NES Remix 2 culls its mini-games from later NES games, including Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby's Adventure and Metroid. It also features a full original game, Super Luigi Bros., in which the famous sibling tackles levels from the original Super Mario Bros. running from right to left, armed with his longer jump.

Simon Parkin enjoyed the original NES Remix when he reviewed it for us way back in January, though he did have some reservations. "There is an inevitable sense of repetition, perhaps because the original games themselves were, behind the artwork, less distinct than they first appeared," he wrote as he worked his way to a 7/10. "As with many reconstituted products, NES Remix is immediately delicious, but inspires an obsession that it can't sustain for long."

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