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Neko Atsume VR: Kitty Collector might be the most adorable VR game ever

This week's VR Corner isn't kitten around.

Neko Atsume has been delivering cuteness overloads to kitty loving gamers since its launch on mobile platforms in 2014.

The adorable cat-collecting phenomenon stayed mobile-based until 2018 when Playstation owners in Japan were treated to a PSVR version of the game. This of course left the rest of the world feeling very jealous indeed.

Then, just last week, Neko Atsume VR: Kitty Collector popped up on the American Playstation Store, finally giving feline fans in the West a chance to get immersed in the wonderful world of cat hoarding.

You can witness the wonders (and many cat butts) of Neko Atsume VR: Kitty Collector in this week's episode of VR Corner as I squee my way through the first hour of the game.

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While Neko Atsume VR is out now on the American PSN store it's not yet available here in Europe. That meant that I had to create an American PSN account in order to purchase and play the game.

Neko Atsume VR: Kitty Collector is a seated experience and you'll only need a DualShock 4 in order to navigate the game's simple menus and interact with the cats. Being a completely stationary game with only a few different viewpoints to choose from means that Neko Atsume VR is a perfect introduction to VR for newcomers of all ages.

While the best way to play Neko Atsume VR: Kitty Collector is of course in VR, it can also be enjoyed in flat mode by any Playstation owners who don't have access to a PSVR. The flat version of Neko Atsume sticks pretty close to the mobile version of the game but crucially, it doesn't allow you to use cat toys to play with your kitties and quite honestly that's the best bit.

As you'll see in the video, the gameplay on offer is pretty thin but the cute energy of the your feline visitors is undeniable and it'll be hard to keep a smile off your face whilst playing. Neko Atsume VR is not a game that'll keep you busy for long periods of time but that's because it's not designed to be played that way. Just check in once in a while to see what new cats have visited your yard, then sit back and chill out while you feed them treats, take photos and buy them toys. It's hardly very deep, but it is absolutely delightful.

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