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nDreams' Synapse is an telekinetic PSVR 2 shooter with a neon streak

And it's out later this year.

Developer nDreams has unveiled its striking new PSVR 2 shooter Synapse, which launches for Sony's new headset later this year.

Synapse unfolds in an abstract black-and-white world that becomes streaked with violent neon hues as the action unfolds, and nDreams describes its run-and-gun gameplay as an evolution of its 2021 shooter Fracked.

It's all built around dual-wielding combat, enabling players to wield a gun in one hand and do an altogether different kind of damage using Synapses' "1:1" telekinesis system with the other.

Cover image for YouTube videoSynapse | Announcement Trailer | PlayStation VR2
Synapse - PSVR 1 Announcement Trailer.

"Players harness this lethal combination," the developer explains, "as they master their own combat style to fight their way through a hostile mindscape".

There's not much more to report just yet, but you can see Synapse in action in the trailer above, and the full thing launches for PSVR 2 later this year.