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NCsoft unveils Blade & Soul MMO

Martial arts from Lineage II brain.

NCsoft has whipped the wrappers off Blade & Soul, a new martial arts-inspired MMO from the creators of Lineage II.

Set in an oriental world with lots of Korean influences, the onus is on fast-paced, dynamic-looking battles. What we've seen is more akin to single-player action games than online worlds.

Visually, though, it's very similar to Lineage II - delicate, intricate, and designed to look a bit like a cartoon.

Elsewhere, we're told PvP and questing will be split down the middle in terms of importance and, apparently, the storyline will have an ending. We expect it will have a beginning and a middle, too.

Blade & Soul is around 20-50 per cent complete, according to a translated interview with art director Kim Hyung-Taek and director Bae Jae-Hyun, and will be PC-exclusive. A western release is unconfirmed.

Head over to Eurogamer TV for the almost entirely in-game trailer, or to our Blade & Soul gallery for the first screenshots.