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Nautical open-world survival game Windbound is next week's Epic Store freebie

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair free until then.

Epic has announced the next free game to grace its store as part of the company's ongoing quest to hoover new customers into its clutches, with sailing-focused open-world survival game Windbound readying to step into the freebie spotlight.

Windbound is the work of developer 5 Lives Studios and serves up a visually striking blend of survival, crafting, and exploratory open-world sailing as players travel from island to island, attempting to unravel the mysteries of the world.

"As Kara, you are a warrior, caught at sea in a fierce storm, adrift from your tribe," explains 5 Lives in its official description. "Thrown from your boat, at the mercy of the turbulent waters, you are tossed on to the shores of the Forbidden Islands, a mysterious paradise.

Cover image for YouTube videoWindbound - Official Launch Trailer
Windbound - Official Launch Trailer.

"With no boat, no food or tools, just the will and skill to survive, uncover this beautiful island's rich resources. Craft tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself against nature itself with its wild and fantastical creatures."

Despite its attractive aesthetic and appealing premise, Windbound received a fairly mixed reception when it launched last year, with reviews seeming to enjoy its exploratory focus, while singling out some cumbersome core mechanics as cause for concern.

Still, if it takes your fancy, you'll have the opportunity to check it out at no cost when it launches as the Epic Games Store's latest freebie next Thursday, 10th February. In the meantime, Playtonic Games' thoroughly excellent Donkey-Kong-Country-inspired platformer Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is available as Epic's current free game.