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GTA IV to get special edition

Exclusive soundtrack inside.

Rockstar has announced that both 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV will be available in a Special Edition box come release time in October.

The metal safety deposit box will contain an art book, a soundtrack CD, a keychain with keys to the box, and a Rockstar-branded duffel bag. Oh - and a copy of the game, wrapped in special packaging.

Of most interest, perhaps, is the "selected" soundtrack CD featuring tracks that will only be available as part of this special edition. Some of these will be new material from "top artists" - suggesting that Rockstar has licensed some exclusive, contemporary tracks this time around, rather than merely raid record companies' back catalogues, as it did on last-gen GTAs.

The GTA IV Special Edition will cost $89.99 in the US. Although its release in Europe has been confirmed, we don't know how much it'll cost over here yet. It's available for pre-orders right now.