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MX vs. ATV returns in the autumn

Reflex has had more TLC than usual.

THQ is bringing the MX vs. ATV series back for DS, PS3, PSP and Xbox 360 this autumn.

Dubbed Reflex, the off-road racer returns with some hefty changes, partly because Rainbow Studios has had an extra year of development while THQ faffed around with the average BAJA: Edge of Control.

That meant time enough to make a whole new physics engine, which has more-than-cosmetic terrain deformation and separates rider from vehicle. That sounds unexciting, but in practice offers more control over vehicles, as riders can shift their weight to make impossible changes of direction reality.

Courses appear to vary from snowy mountain tops to dusty and dirty canyons. Massive jumps return, and Rainbow has made tricks easier to do by mapping them to the thumbstick rather than to finger-knotting button presses.

We've got some MX vs. ATV Reflex pictures for you to look at. We're nice.

MX vs. ATV Untamed gave an uninspiring performance last year, and returns among hefty competition from FUEL - not to mention the on-going success of MotorStorm and one of our favourites from last year, Pure.

Split/Second and Blur will be no pushovers in the racing space, either.