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MS: PSN and Xbox Live not comparable

TDG research ignores activity/pricing.

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Microsoft has said research showing that a higher percentage of US PS3 owners have their consoles hooked up to the internet than Xbox 360 is misleading because it does not reflect pricing or the way services are used.

"What's important to keep in mind is the level of activity over an online service, especially when comparing a no-cost service [PlayStation Network] to a subscription-based service like Xbox Live," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"When it comes to total entertainment experiences and value, Xbox 360 continues to lead the charge," the spokesperson continued, citing figures from NPD Group's Online Gaming 2010 Report that show how gamers use the service.

"Xbox 360 is the hands-down leader in online gaming, with 48 percent of all online gamers using Xbox 360 and Xbox Live to connect with friends, family and competitors" according to NPD's figures, said the spokesperson.

"This study also says that our members take full advantage of the immersive entertainment experiences over Xbox LIVE, logging the most hours of online play per week (7.3 hours/week) - that's more than PC gaming (6.6 hours/week) and our competition."

Last week market research firm TDG released data indicating that a slightly higher percentage of PS3 owners had connected their console to the net than among Xbox 360 or Wii owners.

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