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PS3 is "most connected" US console

Xbox 360 in close second.

US market research firm TDG has claimed that a higher percentage of US PS3 owners have their consoles hooked up to the internet than either Xbox 360 or Wii.

78 per cent of respondents who owned a PS3 in the group's survey of 2000 adult broadband users said they had it connected to the net, while 73 per cent of 360 owners did and just 54 per cent of Wii owners had plugged their console in.

Figures within its report indicate that there were more Xbox 360 owners within the sample group (453 compared to 382) and far more Wii owners in general (707).

You can check out the graph showing all this and a bit about the researchers' methodology on the TDG website.

TDG concluded that a third of US broadband households now have a console hooked up to the internet, and decided based on this that we're not just trying to enhance our gaming experiences but, according to TDG's Michael Greeson, "to access the growing variety of online media".

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