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MS not feeling 360 price cut pressure

"We offer great value now."

Microsoft has no plans to follow Sony's suit and drop the price of the Xbox 360, according to European boss Chris Lewis.

Lewis told VG247 that the platform holder isn't feeling any heat to make a change as the system already offers gamers "great value" for their cash.

"We have better service provision than anybody. We attach more effectively than anybody. I think Xbox Live is enviable," he explained. "What we've achieved with Kinect has given us growth that I think others would aspire to at this point in the lifecycle.

"We're happy with our position. While we're not complacent about the competition, I wouldn't trade places."

A 250GB Xbox 360 currently has an RRP of £204.25.

Sony announced a PlayStation 3 price drop at Gamescom last week, with the console's RRPs falling from £255.30 (160GB) and £291.05 (320GB) to £199.99 and £249.99 respectively.

Meanwhile, a Mario Kart Wii bundle currently sets you back around £129.99.