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August 2011 PS3 price cut roundup

Where's cheapest this weekend?

Update 4: Eurogamer has been informed that Sainsbury's prices change on a Friday. Expect to find old prices in store until tomorrow.

Update 3: The new PS3 RRPs of £199.99 (160GB) and £249.99 (320GB) go live today across the UK.

Please let us know if you see a price we haven't listed.

Update 2: HMV has confirmed its new PS3 price to Eurogamer. It's as RRP in store, and a bit cheaper online.

The real value comes from a UK-only bundle deal. Buy a 320GB PS3 with Infamous 2, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, PlayStation Move Heroes and a PlayStation Move Starter Pack (PS Eye, Move controller, starter disc) for £270. This apparently saves you over £100.

Update 1: Game has revealed to Eurogamer its UK PS3 price cut deals.

Original story: In the UK, the RRP of the 160GB PS3 has fallen to £199.99, and the RRP of the 320GB PS3 has fallen to £249.99.

Sony confirmed the new prices to Eurogamer this morning.

Game and HMV traditionally offer value through PS3 console-plus-game bundles, rather than outright low prices for hardware alone. Game's deals have now been announced, as has HMV's (in an update above).

Traditionally, Amazon and Tesco drive the lowest bargains.

We'll update the prices for the below shops as we gain confirmation. Incidentally, we've rounded the numbers to avoid "£XXX.99p" prices.

Virtual shops

  • Amazon - £192 (160GB), £215 (320GB) with a game
  • ShopTo - £190 (160GB), £225 (320GB)
  • Zavvi - £190 (160GB), £225 (320GB)
  • GameStop - £188 (160GB), £235 (320GB) - displays old price online
  • Play.com - £190 (160GB), £235 (320GB)
  • Game (online) - £190 (160GB), £240 (320GB)
  • Gameplay - £190 (160GB), £240 (320GB)
  • HMV (online) - £192 (160GB), £250 (320GB)

Real shops

  • Dixons - £192 (160GB), £215 (320GB)
  • John Lewis - £215 (320GB)
  • Blockbuster - £190 (160GB), £230 (320GB) - latter can include COD: Black Ops, LBP2 or GT5
  • Toys R Us - £190 (160GB), £250 (320GB) with LBP2, KZ3 or Move Heroes & Move Starter pack
  • Currys - £200 (160GB), £250 (320GB) with Infamous 2 or Move Starter Pack
  • PC World - £200 (160GB), £250 (320GB) solus and ditto above
  • Game (in store) - £200 (160GB), £250 (320GB)
  • HMV (in store) - £200 (160GB), £250 (320GB)
  • Comet £200 (160GB), £250 (320GB)
  • Argos - £200 (160GB), £250 (320GB)


  • Tesco - £192 (160GB), £215 (320GB)
  • Sainsbury's - £190 (160GB), £230 (320GB)
  • Asda - £200 (160GB), £230 (320GB)
  • Morrisons - TBC - press office sticking by £250 (160GB), £280 (320GB) for now
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