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More original Pokémon get new looks for Sun and Moon

UPDATE: Raichu gets a makeover! New enemies are goths!

UPDATE 11/8/16 9.00am: A new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer has showcased the fresh Alolan form of Raichu, Pikachu's evolved form.

The video marks the debut of other critters mentioned earlier this week in Coro Coro magazine (as detailed below), and also takes a look at Sun and Moon's bad guys - Team Skull. They are... well, they're a bunch of goths.

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ORIGINAL STORY 9/8/16 2.00pm: Meowth and Marowak, two of the original 151 Pokémon, will both get a makeover in the upcoming 3DS games Sun and Moon.

Alolan Meowth is a dark type, while Alolan Marowak is fire/ghost type. Both were revealed in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro (thanks, Serebii).

Meowth's new form appears to be inspired by Egyptian cats of old - which perhaps fits with the sand-filled setting of Sun and Moon's new region.

And, speaking of sand, there's a new sandcastle Pokémon and evolution. In Japan, they are named Sunabaa and Shirodesuna.

Yet another new species, Yowashi, has the ability to change its form from a single fish to a school of fish. There's also a first look at the pre-evolution of the er, predatory-looking bear Bewear.

We'll likely get final English names for all of the above very shortly.

These announcements follow the reveal of new forms for other original Pokémon, such as a new icy Vulpix and a palm tree-inspired Exeggutor - as well as a brand new critter which looks like Donald Trump.