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Loads of new Sun and Moon Pokémon have been revealed

Including one that looks like Donald Trump.

Five minutes of fresh Pokémon Sun and Moon footage has shown off new Pokémon forms and species, including one critter that looks like Donald Trump.

He's called Gumshoos, and is the evolution of mongoose-style Pokémon Yungoos.

There are also new forms for some old favourites, such as icy versions of Red/Blue species Vulpix, Ninetails, Sandshrew and Sandslash.

Our favourite, however, is this palm tree form of Exeggutor - shown to the right.

The biggest news from the trailer is the introduction of a new super-powered Z-Move which can be used once during battle.

There is a Z-Move for each elemental type, although you will need to wear the correct corresponding Z-Crystal to enable it - so the suggestion is you can only use the Z-Moves of one element per battle.

A real-life Z-Ring device which holds Z-Crystals will be released as a toy by Tomy. Use a Z-Move in the games and it will light up with the appropriate colour.

The trailer includes lots of other details as well: you will be tested by experienced trainers named captains and kahunas, in trials which involve battling, finding items or completing tests of knowledge, before defeating a suped-up Totem Pokémon which can summon allies as support.

You can also ride on Pokémon not in your team to explore fresh areas - via air and by sea.

See all the new species in the trailer below, as well as everything we know about Pokémon Sun and Moon, including new Pokémon like Starters and Legendaries.

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