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More Metal Gear Solid for iPhone?

Kojima reckons it'll be "crazy".

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Seems the iPhone is really is the flavour of the month with, well, everybody, but especially eccentric Japanese videogame creators. Hideo Kojima told the aduience at an Apple Store signing during last week's Game Developers Conference that he is thinking of following up Metal Gear Solid Touch with another iPhone game.

As reported by G4tv, Kojima said he was thinking of doing another game or application for the iPhone or iPod Touch, but this time it might be something completely "crazy", like his own favourite app, the lightsaber app.

"He would also like to do something that uses even more of the unique capabilities of the iPhone platform," reported G4tv. "For example, say you listen to a lot of Coldplay (his example, not mine)... if you then listen to Coldplay while controlling Snake, he might fight better."

We wouldn't have thought that listening to post-Radiohead populist power-balladry would inspire grizzled super-spies to be more effective in combat, but what do we know?

Kojima also told the audience that MGS Touch was originally a third-party project that involved stealth as well as shooting-gallery sections, and an original storyline. However, he felt the project was "crappy" and brought it in-house, whereupon it took on its current, and surprisingly high-quality form.

For more from Kojima's first GDC, be sure to check out our live coverage of his keynote address.

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