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More Cake Mania baked for DS, Wii

Jill better get back to her oven.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Majesco has revealed plans to serve more Cake Mania on both DS and Wii.

That means Jill is back with a shop full of hungry sweet-toothed customers to be served, and she has to work out which to please first according to their personal taste and how quick they want their grub - think Diner Dash.

Those with a DS will get a sequel with lots more content in, like more shopper types, more upgrades, more cakes and more levels.

Hopefully this time it will also be a little more pacey, and spur us on to going further than the fifth stage.

The last effort was a big ask for twenty quid, you see, and was on the bad end of our scoring scale with a meagre 4/10.

Unfortunately there is little more than a mention of the Wii version, but suffice to say it is planned and will probably appear sometime this year.

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