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More agents for Crackdown

Well, kick us off a building.

Xbox Live may have popped out for a smoke, but when it comes back in you should be able to get your hands on four free new agents for Crackdown, which is due out this Friday.

Couple of things there, though. 1) You're probably reading this at about 8am, dedicated as you are, in which case Xbox Live isn't down yet. GET IN THERE. 2) Crackdown isn't out until Friday, so the relevance of this is sort of reliant upon your having found someone "breaking street", as they say over on Team Trade.

And in any event, new agents doesn't mean as much as you'd think. These four include one with "Sam Fisher-style head gear" according to Xbox Live's Major Nelson, but as far as gameplay's concerned they're just skins. "Hey, why not female characters?" asks Nelson. As ardent followers remember, that's because Real Time Worlds ran out of time. Which probably also explains why this pack is being released separately from the game, too.

Not sure about Crackdown? We assure you it's ace, but do take our word for it. And then play the downloadable demo to verify it. Watch out for the full game appearing in shops on Friday, or being passed winkily over the counter when you slip the temp an extra fiver on Wednesday or Thursday.