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Monument Valley developer's next game is for consoles, PC and mobile

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Monument Valley developer Ustwo Games has unveiled its next project, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Today's teaser suggests the game will have an ecological theme, with its two young characters attempting to start various green schemes.

"In small hands rests the fate of our future, the teaser's description reads. "Help Alba and Ines start a movement and change the world!"

It will be the first game from Ustwo to be released on consoles, as well as on PC and mobile.

The London-based studio received major critical acclaim for its Monument Valley series, following earlier mobile hit Whale Trail.

Its most recent project was 2019 Apple Arcade game Assemble With Care, which Christian Donlan described as "a study in the wordless pleasure of fixing stuff" which "really sings".

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