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Monster Hunter Rise detailing Sunbreak expansion in 20-minute livestream next week

Bishaten myself in excitement.

With Monster Hunter Rise now comfortably spreadeagled across both Switch and PC, thoughts are beginning to turn toward the acclaimed creature-pummeler's previously announced big Sunbreak expansion - and with its "summer" release window creeping ever-closer, Capcom has revealed it'll be offering a closer look at things to come next Tuesday, 15th March.

At present, we know that Sunbreak, which Capcom previously described as an "new, ominous chapter" for Monster Hunter Rise, will introduce new monsters, new locations, new hunting actions, and a new, more challenging quest rank - very much in the same vein as Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion, albeit rather less frosty in nature.

However, beyond those early details (and a more recent reveal of a couple of new monsters, including "ravenous beast" Lunagaron), Capcom has remained fairly quiet on what players can expect to see when Sunbreak comes to PC and Switch this summer.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Game Awards Teaser.Watch on YouTube

Hopefully that's about to change, with the publisher now promising around 20 minutes of new information on the expansion - including "reveals of new monsters, gameplay info, and more" - in a developer livestream set to air on Twitch next Tuesday, 15th March, at 2pm GMT/7am PDT.

While Monster Hunter Rise plauers wait patiently for Sunbreak's arrival, Capcom continues to expand the base game with new additions on a regular basis. Most recently, it introduced two new quests in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan, a set of "Defender" weapons for all 14 weapon types, the "Veteran's Talisman", plus the "Black Belt" armour - intended to help beginning players progress through the game more easily.