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Mike Patton signed for The Darkness 2

Reprises his voice role as The Darkness.

Faith No More front man Mike Patton will voice The Darkness in The Darkness 2.

He voiced The Darkness in The Darkness, so should be familiar with the ultimate evil.

"The story behind The Darkness II wouldn't be complete or authentic without the character of The Darkness," 2K boss Christoph Hartmann said.

"Mike Patton brings a completely unique perspective to the role which is essential in creating the world of The Darkness."

2K announced The Darkness II earlier this month. The PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game is in the works at Dark Sector developer Digital Extremes and is due out this autumn.

You control Jackie Estacado, who inherited The Darkness powers on his 21st birthday from his father who carried the curse before him.

The catch is, he can only use his powers in the dark, so expect plenty of skulking about in the shadows.

New this time around is what 2K calls Quad-Wielding gameplay, which allows players to slash, grab and throw objects and enemies with Demon Arms while firing weapons. Nice.

"It feels really good to be the bad guy, and The Darkness is as bad as it gets," said Mike Patton. "I've read through the script and Jackie is going to be a brutally tortured soul. I'm looking forward to making his life a living hell."