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Microsoft's browser-based xCloud spotted in testing

Time iPad attention.

Microsoft is getting closer to launching the browser-based version of its xCloud game streaming service - and now images of it in action have popped up online.

Screenshots from a working build of the service have been posted by The Verge. These show a version currently in testing by Microsoft employees.

A familiar library of cloud-based games available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be seen, along with sections for genres, recently-added games, and those leaving the catalogue soon.

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Microsoft already offers game streaming to Android devices as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and previously announced it would build a browser-based solution to get around Apple's restrictions which have blocked an xCloud app for iPhones and iPads.

The solution would also, of course, work on PCs through browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The Verge reports it will also be folded into the Windows 10 Xbox app, with a public testing phase now "very close".

Epic Games is partnering with Nvidia GeForce to get a similar cloud-based version of Fortnite working on iPhones and iPads via a browser following its legal tussles with Apple.

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