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Microsoft offers free 12-month EA Access subscriptions

If you're invited to refer a friend to Xbox One.

Xbox One owners should check their emails: Microsoft has sent out an offer of 12 months free EA Access if you refer a friend to buy a console.

Participants in the scheme will gain a year's EA Access subscription for both themselves and their new Xbox One buddy.

But the deal has - so far, at least - only been offered to a select number of Xbox One owners.

It's not yet clear which criteria Microsoft has chosen to decide who has been invited.

There's another snag, as well. It looks like the offer is only valid on a £315 Xbox One bundle available via the Microsoft Store.

The option is not as cheap as some of the new Witcher 3 deals, but does include a free copy of the excellent Forza Horizon 2 plus three months of Xbox live.

EA Access allows users to download and play a range of EA and EA Sports titles for free, including FIFA 15, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals and Peggle 2.

Membership also gets you discounts on EA games and DLC, plus early access to upcoming titles - such as the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.