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Microsoft explains Inside Xbox closure

"We felt we had a strong voice to that community in any case."

Microsoft's European Xbox 360 chief has shed a little more light on the platform holder's controversial decision to shut down its core-orientated on-console Inside Xbox video service.

Speaking to Eurogamer backstage at E3 earlier this week, Xbox Europe interactive entertainment VP Chris Lewis explained that it had outlived its usefulness.

"We just felt it had reached a logical and natural position where we felt that we had a strong voice to that community in any case," he said.

"We've got 40 million people on Xbox Live, we know that audience closely follows what we're up to, so we felt it was logical [to close it]."

Lewis went on to stress that Microsoft has every intention of continuing to serve core gamers, though didn't reveal exactly what kind of content will replace Inside Xbox.

"The key to answering your question though is our commitment to keep bringing that kind of content to satisfy the appetite of that audience," he said.

"We have no desire to move away from that. In my opinion, we are focussed on it more than ever - understanding how to target that audience, how not to alienate that audience.

"But to be clear, we've got more casual gaming experiences we want to bring - we've got music, we've got entertainment, we want to bring fitness and lifestyle to Xbox 360 like the stuff you saw with Nike, all of which is possible through Kinect. Those things allows us to realise our vision.

"We want to be the entertainment hub in the living room - the box of choice in every respect, whether it is hardcore gaming, fitness, music, whether its browsing, voice search. We think we're so well placed in regards bringing that to life versus anybody else."

Dan Maher, one half of the Inside Xbox team, has since resurfaced as Explosive Alan Productions though is yet to fully detail exactly what his new company will be doing.

"Hearing tales of plans to plug the gap left by IX. Don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I'm craughing," Tweeted Maher earlier today.