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Microsoft E3 2015 press conference date, time confirmed

"See the greatest games line-up in Xbox history."

Microsoft will hold its E3 press briefing on Monday, 15th June at 5.30pm UK time.

Announcing the event, Microsoft described the titles it would show as "the greatest games line-up in Xbox history".

We're likely to see more of already-announced titles such as Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and Fable Legends.

The heavily-leaked Gears of War remaster is also a fair bet, and we also expect to finally hear what Rare has been up to.

There's now just a month to go until E3's annual Los Angeles extravaganza, and only Sony has yet to confirm its press conference slot.

For those keeping track, here's how the schedule looks so far:

Sunday, 14th June

  • Bethesda - 6.30pm PST (2.30am UK)

Monday, 15th June

  • Microsoft - 9.30am PST (5.30pm UK)
  • EA - 1pm PST (9pm)
  • Ubisoft - 3pm PST (11pm)
  • Sony - 6pm PST (2am)

Tuesday, 16th June

  • Square Enix - 9am PST (5pm UK)
  • Nintendo - 10am PST (6pm UK)