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Microsoft announces the Xbox One S price and release date

UPDATE: UK pricing revealed.

UPDATE: UK Xbox One S pricing has been confirmed. The 2TB launch edition will cost £349/€399; the 1TB edition £299/€349; and the 500GB edition £249/€299.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft has announced the Xbox One S console at its E3 press conference in LA. Prices start at $299 and it will be available from August.

The Xbox One S details from the leaked images we reported yesterday are correct. The console will be 40 per cent smaller, have an integrated power supply - about bloody time - and support 4K Blu-ray and HDR gaming. It also has a built-in IR Blaster.

Hard-drive sizes are optional. There will be a launch edition 2TB Xbox One S available early August for $399. A $349 1TB Xbox One S, and a $299 500GB Xbox One S will be available thereafter. The Xbox One S's vertical stand will be available for $20. Does that mean it's not included?

Finer details about the Xbox One S include one USB port and the pairing button being moved to the front of the unit. The Xbox One S also does not have a Kinect sensor port. If you want to use Kinect with the Xbox One S you will need an adaptor.

The Xbox One S controller, meanwhile, has up to nearly twice the wireless range courtesy of Bluetooth support. It can also connect wirelessly to Windows 10 devices because of that. In addition it has textured grips and a new thumbstick design, apparently, that reduces wear. The new Xbox One controller will be available early August for £50.

Microsoft also had a bunch of announcements at their conference, too, which you can catch up on with our E3 schedule guide.

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