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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Monster Hunter Tri deals revealed

Pre-order your copy, get a free head.

Anyone that pre-orders Wii game Monster Hunter Tri early enough will receive a free head from Capcom. The head of a dragon-like Rathalos creature, to be precise.

Or you can snap-up the Exclusive Edition that contains the Wii Speak accessory, a black Classic Controller, a copy of the game and the head of a sea-dwelling Lagiacrus. This is on sale at GAME for £69.99.

Monster Hunter Tri allows friends to team-up and fight gargantuan monster, killing them for their armour- and weapon-making loot. Sofa-based online co-op may suit a Western audience more readily than in Japan, where the game launched and disappeared quicker than expected - despite a full 40/40 mark from regional magazine Famitsu.

Monster Hunter Tri will be released for Wii on 23rd April.

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