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Medieval II expands for autumn

"Over 75 hours" of new stuff.

SEGA plans to release a Medieval II expansion called Kingdoms this autumn, promising "over 75 hours" of new gameplay. We'll be counting.

That breaks down roughly to four new campaigns, six new multiplayer scenarios, 20 new Custom Battle maps, and a new hotseat multiplayer mode. You'll find 13 new factions to play with and over 150 new units, too.

The four new campaigns include one, the Americas campaign, which allows you to explore The New World - unlocked toward the end of Medieval II - either in the boots of Hernan Cortes or the Aztecs or Native Americans.

Others shine a brighter light on campaigns in Britain (Britannia campaign, where you can fight a war on four fronts), Northern Europe (Teutonic Wars, with pagans and Christians) and the Holy Land. New heroes include Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, while the press bumf also name-checks the Greek Flame Thrower, so expect that to be one of your 150 new units.

You can also now garrison your armies in moated forts, and explore new technology trees rooted in religion and prestige. A bit like me.

Wondering what it looks like? Then you'll be wanting to shoot off to our Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms screenshot gallery, won't you?

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