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Max & The Magic Marker coming to PSN

Acclaimed indie platformer out next week.

Acclaimed 2D indie side-scroller Max & The Magic Marker expands to PlayStation Network on 28th September, publisher Pan Vision has announced.

First released on WiiWare back in 2010, the Press Play-developed effort sees you drawing in your own platforms and other objects to help the titular hero to the end of the level.

The PSN version, dubbed Max & The Magic Marker: Gold Edition, adds updated HD visuals and Move support.

The game is currently also available on iOS, Mac and PC.

"There's plenty to like about Max and the Magic Marker, such as challenging puzzles, novel ideas and great gameplay mechanics," read Ellie Gibson's Max & The Magic Marker Wii review.

"But the emphasis on creativity won't appeal to everyone - especially those who remember when this was all just fields, pipes and clinky gold rings."