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Marvel's Avengers will permanently let you play as "multiples of the same Hero" from next month


Marvel's Avengers' next big update will permit players to team up with others that are using the same Hero.

It's not the first time players have been able to double up as their favourite Avengers - it was first introduced via time-limited mode, The Tachyon Anomaly - but the feature proved so popular amongst the community that developer Crystal Dynamics is now introducing it permanently in a big update slated to come next month.

"Due to your feedback, we're permanently turning on the ability to play multiple of the same Hero during matchmaking and when forming Strike Teams," the development team confirmed in a blog post, (thanks, TheGamer).

"Tachyon energy in the world has reached a level where Hero selection is always similar to the Tachyon Anomaly Event. We'll have more information about these features later in July."

The team also explained it has decided to push back Patrol Mode in order to concentrate on end-game content and the Black Panther update. In its place - and as well as letting players play as duplicate Heroes in the same fireteam - we'll get multiplayer Mega Hives and Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion.

"We wanted to focus on end-game content before the War for Wakanda Expansion released, which meant getting the first OLT and multiplayer Mega Hives in July," the team said.

A bug that displayed your IP address on-screen in Marvel's Avengers was swiftly addressed earlier this week.

The issue affected Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation 5 after an update went live earlier this week, and left streamers saying they could play until it is sorted out. The game's next big expansion, Black Panther - War for Wakanda, arrives free in August.

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