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Martin Sandwich is your latest Resident Evil hero

"You were almost a..."

Martin Sandwich. What a guy.

Mr. Sandwich is your next Resident Evil hero: he'll be playable as one of the characters trying to escape in Resident Evil: Resistance, the multiplayer component of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake.

In Resistance, four human players try to escape a scenario infested with zombies, while a fifth enemy player places zombies and other nasty things around the map to kill the escapees. Mr. X is just one of the many things that'll be trying to kill Martin Sandwich.

Yes, this is a pretty clear cut Jill Sandwich reference. "You were almost a Jill sandwich!" remarks Barry Burton in the original Resident Evil, after saving the protagonist from being crushed by a descending ceiling. It's the mix of terrible voice acting and equally bad dialogue that made the scene so memorable.

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Who knows, maybe we really will get a Martin Sandwich, flat on the ground or pummelled into a wall in Resident Evil: Resistance.

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