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Mario has a licence to kill in Peach's Castle

The name's Mario. Mario Mario.

Ever wondered what Peach's Castle from Mario 64 would look like as a GoldenEye level? Of course there's a mod for that.

GoldenEye With Mario Characters is the work of modder StupidMarioBros1Fan. The mod launched in January 2018, and to mark its three year anniversary, StupidMarioBros1Fan released a big update that includes the Peach's Castle level, which replaces the Egyptian level at the end of the existing mod.

The video below, from YouTube channel Graslu00, shows off gameplay of the Peach's Castle level. It's quite unnerving to see Mario shoot up the place with GoldenEye guns, watching the Koopas slump to the floor, dead. It's well done, albeit a bit grim!

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I do like how the camera zooms into the back of Mario's head before the action kicks off, in that classic GoldenEye way. And the whole thing just makes me want to play Mario 64. And GoldenEye 64. There was a lot to Peach's Castle, wasn't there?

GoldenEye With Mario Characters does what it says on the tin: it replaces all of the GoldenEye characters with those from the Mario universe, alongside edited dialogue and Mario-themed briefings.

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