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Man arrested for stealing 19 games by stuffing them down his pants

Is that 19 games in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

You can tell how old Bowie is by counting the rings.

Some video game thieves are smart, some are sassy, and some just don't know when to quit - as is the case with 34 year-old William Gooden, who attempted to stroll out of a St. Louis Kmart with 19 games shoved down his pants. Classy.

As reported by, Gooden's haul was worth approximately $500, which means each game was only worth about $26. Allegedly they were for "Xbox and PlayStation," though the report didn't get more specific than that.

Bridgeton Police Department Captain Masati said Gooden is being held at a Missouri correctional facility waiting to serve a five-year sentence for a prior offense.

Now seriously, those must have been some pants!