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Make, sell Rock Band songs on 360

Harmonix initiative launches this year.

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Harmonix plans to let Rock Band 2 owners make and sell their own tracks on Xbox 360.

You'll need a copy of the game, XNA Creators Club Premium (USD 99 a year), Reaper and Magma programs as well as an Xbox Live Gold account. Tracks created will need to meet certain Harmonix specifications and be kitted out with MIDI gameplay elements before being submitted for peer review.

But once thumbs-upped, tracks go on sale to the public and royalties are paid quarterly - just like on the Xbox Live Indie (Community) Games channel. The split is typically 70/30 in your favour.

Closed testing will begin in August, according to the RB Network website, with a view to launching later this year.

The initiative will be exclusive to Xbox 360, although certain "stand out tracks" will make their way to PS3 and Wii, according to Gamastutra.

Head to that Rock Band Network website for the full nitty-gritty.

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