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Make Diablo 3 harder and more rewarding with tomorrow's 1.05 patch

Tweak your Monster Power.

Is Diablo 3 a bit easy for you? Would you like to up the challenge and also up the rewards? Tomorrow you can, with patch 1.05 and Monster Power.

Patch 1.05 rolls out at 2am UK time tonight/tomorrow morning. Maintenance won't be finished until 12pm tomorrow, according to Blizzard.Monster Power must be enabled in the menu. When it is, you'll have 10 levels of Monster Power you can apply. Each level gives monsters more health and makes them do more damage, but it also ups the XP you receive from them as well as boosts magical and gold find chance.

On Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulties, Monster Power 10 increases monster health by 400 per cent, monster damage by 200 per cent, XP gain by 200 per cent and magic and gold find by 100 per cent.

On Inferno difficulty the numbers go through the roof. Monster Power 10 increases monster health by 3439 per cent, damage by 371 per cent, XP gain by 160 per cent, magic and gold find by 250 per cent and also gives a 100 per cent chance of turning up a bonus item.

Also, all Inferno monsters in every Act will be bumped to level 63 and share the same high-end drop rates, so you should get more glitzy loot throughout.

Patch 1.05 also adds a really tricky Infernal Machine event, the eventual reward for which is a legendary Hellfire Ring. This has no level requirement (so can be given to your new characters) but is bound to your account (so can't be sold at the Auction House).

It boosts experience gain by 35 per cent, has four random magical properties, has a chance to launch an explosive Hellfire ball when you attack and boosts one primary stat by 170 to 200 points (you can choose which).

There are a lot of steps involved and no guarantee of getting the ingredients you need for your level 10 jeweller to make the 2 million gold legendary ring first time around. You may need to rerun this one a few times.

Full 1.05 patch notes are on the Diablo 3 website. Poor old monks and their Seize the Initiative nerf.

A lovely piece of monk fan art from the Diablo 3 website.

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