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LulzSec, Anonymous hackers rounded up

Authorities close the net.

Authorities have arrested more alleged members of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacking collectives thought to be responsible for high profile attacks on various video game publishers earlier this year.

According to DailyTech, the latest figure to be taken into custody is 23-year-old Arizona resident Cody Andrew Kretsinger. He supposedly appeared in LulzSec chat logs as 'Recursion' during attacks on Sony.

And last month five men aged between 16 and 26 were arrested on suspicion of representing LulzSec's 'Kayla' identity. Key LulzSec member 'Sabu' has confirmed that Kayla has been arrested but wouldn't confirm that the handle comprised a number of different individuals.

All this follows the arrest of a teenage Shetland Islander in July thought to be top LulzSec operative Topiary, and 19-year-old Essex man Ryan Cleary in June.

That apparently just leaves Sabu and one other LulzSec member 'Avunit' at large.

Elsewhere, Anonymous hackers Christopher Doyon, 47, of California, and Joshua Covelli, 26, of Ohio were also taken into custody last week.

The wider Anonymous family is apparently planning a show of strength, with a "Day of Vengeance" against a number of targets in New York City following recent crackdowns on Wall Street protesters.