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Luigi pops up in Dreamcast developer version of Sega GT

Hoover thought.

Last year, Nintendo fans finally found Luigi in Super Mario 64, after the source code of the game was leaked online.

Now, a Sega fan has found Luigi somewhere even more unexpected - in a previously-unseen development build of Dreamcast racer Sega GT.

Luigi can be seen holding a stopwatch and chequered flag in one of the game's levels, apparently as a joke temporarily put in by developers before the game was finalised and shipped to the public.

The eye-opening find was announced on Twitter by CombyLaurent1, who talked to Kotaku about the discovery. There's no suggestion Luigi is lurking inside the game's retail version.

This unreleased build of Sega GT is one of hundreds of Dreamcast and original Xbox games which were added to The Hidden Palace's Project Deluge archive over the weekend, which now contains more than 1700 unreleased prototypes and early builds of games.

Back in March, more than 700 PlayStation 2 demos and prototypes were added to the archive for people to download. The idea behind the project is the preservation of rare and missing builds of games (rather than full releases) which have been obtained from preview and review copies shared with press or publishers, as well as debug builds and tech demos made for trade shows.

What will be found next?