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Lucy Bradshaw live interview today!

Rounding off Spore Week in style.

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Eurogamer will round off Spore Week today with a surprise live interview with executive producer Lucy Bradshaw at 5.30pm UK time (6.30pm CET / 9.30am PST).

Bradshaw - "every bit as responsible for that game as [Will Wright]" in the words of EA superboss John Riccitiello - has carved out half an hour to face your questions on the day EA announced the long-awaited PC title has gone gold ahead of its 5th September European launch.

Already this week on Eurogamer we've explored Spore in some depth, with a massive Will Wright interview (also on Eurogamer TV), extensive hands-on with the finished Spore PC game and hands-on with Spore Creatures for DS.

Later today you can also look forward to a full Eurogamer TV Show about Spore including loads of footage from our tour of the Maxis studio.

Assuming we hear back from him in time, we'll also bring you the winner of our competition to have one of your Spore creatures made into a real-life desktop model.

So, join us for that, and make sure you're here at 5.30pm UK for a chance to speak live to Spore's executive producer Lucy Bradshaw. And if you can't make it, do check in soon afterwards to rifle through the transcript.

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