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Looks like Persona 4 is coming to PS3

UPDATE: But not in Europe.

UPDATE 2: Atlus has told Eurogamer Persona 4 is not scheduled to launch in Europe for the PS3.

It definitely won't launch on these shores on the 9th - the Wednesday of the week it launches in North America, a spokesperson told us.

And there's "nothing scheduled for EU right now," we were told.

UPDATE 1: Atlus has confirmed Persona 4 will release on PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic - but only in North America and South America.

It launches there on 8th April for $9.99. We've asked Atlus whether the game will also be sold on the European PlayStation Store also.

ORIGINAL STORY - 02/04/14: It looks like Atlus-developed Japanese role-playing game Persona 4 will be released on PlayStation 3.

A rating for the game popped up on the Entertainment Software Rating Board's website (spotted on NeoGAF) for release on the PS3, suggesting it'll be a part of Sony's PlayStation 2 Classic range.

Persona 4 first released in Japan in July 2008. Persona 4: Golden, an enhanced version of the game, was released in Europe in February 2013 for the PlayStation Vita.

Eurogamer has asked Atlus for comment.

Late last year Atlus announced Persona 5, a PlayStation 3 exclusive due out in Japan by the end of 2014.

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