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LocoRoco to return to PSP

As well as PS3.

LocoRoco director Tsutomu Kouno was in Brighton last week for the Develop Conference, where he confirmed that his bouncy platform game would be returning to PSP - as well as making an appearance on PlayStation 3's Network service.

"Yes, there will," he told Joystiq when asked if there will be a second PSP game. "I'm thinking about a sequel for the PSP right now. I got a lot of feedback from players that they bought a PSP just to play LocoRoco so I feel like I have to make a sequel for them."

What a nice chap. The other confirmed LocoRoco title at the moment is "Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco" for PSN, which will support Sixaxis tilt controls. The PSP original used the left and right triggers to tilt the screen and move your little blobs around, so it should be a good fit.

If you never played LocoRoco, of course, you really should.