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LocoRoco PS3 confirmed

PSN sequel unveiled in Japan.

Sony has reportedly confirmed the long-running rumour that LocoRoco is on its way to PlayStation 3.

It's all come out at the "PlayStation Premier" event being held in Tokyo today. IGN reports that the new game is called "Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco".

It will be released through the PlayStation Network and support Sixaxis tilt controls. There's no word on exactly when it's due out, but apparently it's 95 percent complete at the moment.

There's been chatter about a PS3 LocoRoco before now, of course, what with the PSP version being thoroughly enchanting, and the decision to do it on PSN is probably sensible. It may also mean we get it sooner.

Watch out for more from PlayStation Premier as fingers tinkle across keyboards.

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